About Us

DFL ITALIA Valves SRL is a manufacturer of DUAL PLATE CHECK VALVE in stainless steel, duplex, low alloy steel and bronze aluminum, completes our production range GATE VALVES, GLOBE, CHECK VALVES in bronze and bronze aluminum alloys.

Our structure, our transparency, the values and experience of our collaborators, the economic and quality level of our products, delivery times, the range of certification and complete support in the management of all quality and technique have allowed us to become an important point of reference for our customers also in the supply of a various range of valves, thanks to the production range of the companies we represent throughout the Italian territory.

DFL Italia office
DFL Italia Dual Plates production

The ever changing needs of our Customers drive the DFL ITALIA Team to offer continuous innovations and an improved valve range year after year in the support of the following industries and processes:

  • Storage and wholesale marketing of crude or refined
  • Exploration, Drilling, Mining, Extraction
  • Processing and Pipeline systems
  • Refining of petroleum crude oil, processing and purifying of raw natural gas
  • Desalination process
  • Sea water processing and purifying

European manufacturer company represented

  • Short delivery with competitive price
  • Professionality
  • Availability
  • Transparency
  • In house third part inspection with two test benches for valves from DN ½” up to DN 24”
  • Qualified internal staff for non-destructive tests
  • Internal management of technical and quality documentation (ie data books, procedures, drawings, inspections)
DFL Italia office

Qualified internal staff for non-destructive tests


DFL Italia office

Internal management of technical and quality documentation


DFL Italia office

this is our way of doing business;
this makes us grow every year;
this is DFL ITALIA!